About Niagara's WaveTVBox

Customer Service Is Our Number 1 Priority

Customer Support

WaveTVBox was founded with ongoing customer support in mind. Our doors are always open for our customers.

Forward Thinking

Your confidence in our service is paramount. We are constantly learning and developing our systems to best serve you.

Problem Solvers

When you have a problem, we are there to help you. Our technical experience makes it easy for us to guide you to a resolution.

Android Experts

We don’t just resell hardware, we learn the in’s and out’s and to ensure you have the best user experience possible.

WaveTVBox Is Here To Serve You

Here at WaveTVBox take pride in calling ourselves the Android experts. We have been using Android based media applications for many years for things like commercial digital signage, cell phone rom tweaking and optimizing as well as home entertainment alternatives. This gives us a huge competitive advantage over ‘the other guys’ as we don’t just resell what we buy, we rip down the software and build it back up with our own special tweaks and applications resulting in a much better experience by our customers.

As time continues, technology gets more advanced and more intuitive for the end user, resulting in a whole new AFFORDABLE market of home media solutions that don’t necessarily come with monthly subscriptions. Local Broadcast Television is finding its way back into homes, along with awesome applications such as YouTube, Netflix and KODI.

The problem is finding a company you can trust and rely on when there are problems – this is where WaveTVBox comes in. We live and breathe this technology as well as we are customers ourselves. We are growing (rapidly) and are here to stay!

Contact us and find out how we can help you save some of your hard earned money!